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What does your business do? is a 7 year old blog established in 2013. The site provides a great opportunity for a passionate dog lover in an uncompetitive, growing, highly motivated and demanding niche.

The business has an engaged Facebook page with over 9000 followers. It also has an email list of 800 subscribers. Both grow steadily daily.

The site also has assets including 2 uniquely written eBooks. One is for sale and the other is used to gain subscribers.

• Facebook page with over 9000 followers. Very eager and engaged community
• 7 year old aged domain since 2013
• An email list of 800 subscribers that grows at about 1 new signup per day
• 2 eBooks – one for sale and one free (to grow the email list)
• Good backlink profile (updated Wikipedia backlinks) – 450 links / 59 domains (source

What is included with this sale?
• Domain and site files
• E-mail list of 800 subscribers
• Facebook business page with 9000+ subscribers
• 2 ebooks(1 is being sold on the site)
• Beautifully designed, Premium WordPress theme and graphic assets

How does your business make money?

The business only generates income form Adsense and the sale of one of the ebooks currently.

However, the business offers the opportunity to have multiple sources of income.

How to increase earnings?
With little effort, you can generate much more income from:

• Posting more regularly to the Facebook page
• Promoting ClickBank products
• Promoting merch like pet dog Tshirts
• Adding Amazon Associate links

Why are you selling this business?

I simply have not had the time to focus on the site. The Facebook page has not been updated in months and the articles have not been updated in months either. It needs someone who is passionate about dog and dog nutrition.

Who would this business be perfect for?

This business is great for a passionate dog owner who is also interested in healthy raw dog food.


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Marketing materials and collateral
Social media accounts
Website files, source code and content

Social Media

Facebook: 9.3K followers

Mailing List: 800 email addresses

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