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More Information was established in late 2012 and sells premium bird cages and related accessories with free shipping in the contiguous USA (lower 48 states).

I bought the business from Empire Flippers in Sept 2015 (5 years ago now) and have been growing and running it profitably ever since. The site was originally on Bigcommerce and I transferred it to Shopify in Oct 2017.

Pet bird owners are VERY passionate about their pets and want the best for their birds – which is why they are willing to spend $300-$1,500 on a quality bird cage.

Even though places like Amazon and Wayfair offer cheaper prices for the same products, many customers prefer buying from a niche store that really knows the products and provides great customer support.

Bird Cages Now does have significant brand recognition in the niche: this year alone 13% of orders have come from past customers who have found their way back to our store on their own accord. If we sent more sales/promotional emails we would have more orders from repeat customers.

In 2019 I added a handful of affiliate articles reviewing bird feeders and other birdwatching products which passively make $50-$200 per month via Amazon Associates.

Content is not added regularly though there are tons of keyword opportunities available. I’ve typically added new content in spurts 1-2 times per year.

How does your business make money?

We make money selling high ticket bird cages and related accessories.

There are also a few articles making passive income via Amazon Associates.

You can see screenshots for proof of revenue here:

The site has averaged a net profit of $1,040 the last 12 months, and averaged $1,267 in net profit over the last 6 months.

Also, there is a LOT of room for remarketing to previous customers – this year alone 13% of orders have come from past customers who have found their way back to our store on their own accord. If we sent more sales/promotional emails we would have more orders from repeat customers.

Describe your purchasing and order fulfillment process

We currently work with 4 suppliers: 3 for cages and accessories and 1 for bird cage covers.

The previous owner only worked with 1 cage supplier which also did dropshipping for the 2 other cage brands for sale on the site.

I set up direct relationships with the 2 other brands after taking over which gave us better rates and also faster shipping times by working directly with the cage manufacturers. They also regularly inform us when products go out of stock so we can update the site accordingly.

Here is the basic order process:
When orders are placed, the details are emailed to the appropriate supplier(s) for fulfillment. Once the product(s) are shipped, we capture the order payment and send tracking details to the customer via the Shopify backend.

If there are any issues with the orders (most commonly damaged or missing parts), we ask the customer to send us pictures to pass on to the supplier who ships out replacements free of charge.

Currently, I have a Filipino VA who takes care of all site operations including customer support, order fulfillment, email management and product inventory updates. She spends roughly 10 hours per week and is paid $150/month for working on the site.

The VA expenses are included in the P&L starting Sept 2019. Before then I did everything myself.

I have detailed SOP documents I will share with the new owner regarding the order fulfillment and customer support processes for an easy transition. Myself and my VA will be around to help train the new owner but my VA won’t be available to keep working on the site for the buyer.

Why are you selling this business?

I am selling this business because I have had it for over 5 years now and want to reinvest the proceeds into other unrelated new projects.

Bird Cages Now has been my only foray into dropshipping/eCommerce but I prefer doing affiliate SEO projects which is a different business model.

What’s included with the sale:

Domain name
Shopify account transfer
Ownership of all site files including content, logos, and images
Primary email inbox transfer
Contacts and details of all existing supplier relationships
Facebook account with 1,700 fans:
Twitter account with 400 followers:
Pinterest account with 107k monthly views:
Active Campaign email list of 3,000 subscribers (can transfer you the entire account, or can download contacts for you)
SOP documents with detailed text and video instructions walking you through EXACTLY how to run the business
Contracts (written or verbal) with customers and suppliers
1 Month of email support to get you up and running (happy to do 1-2 Skype calls as well if desired)

Who would this business be perfect for?

This business is great for someone who wants a low-workload online business. There are only 20-40 orders per month so it is easy for one person to handle in just a few hours per week.

It is a simple business model to run, and if you can leverage some of the growth opportunities below (that I’ve been too lazy to implement) you should do really well with the site.

Key Growth Opportunities:

Explore paid advertising opportunities like Facebook ads and Google Adwords which I have little experience with. The higher priced cages and cage covers would do great if you know how to run ads.
Leverage email list for more sales to convert subscribers into paying customers and to convert more previous customers into repeat customers (already at 13% repeat customers in 2020 with no extra marketing efforts)
Improve site conversion rate. Site has had the same design for the past 3-4 years and could probably use an overhaul by customizing the current theme or simply changing themes.
Publish on social media to drive more traffic, starting with the Pinterest page which gets 100k views per month without having published anything there for years.

Social Media

Facebook: 1.7K followers

Twitter: 400 followers

Pinterest: 110K monthly viewers

Mailing List: 3.2K email addresses

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