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More Information is a well-established content and dropshipping website in the jewelry niche. Starting out as a content blog website, it generated a passive income stream. The profits really exploded once the current owner added an eCommerce store at the beginning of 2016.

It has generated a gross revenue of $148,943.77 over the last year with a net profit of $77,975.42.

The company has become a reliant and credible brand to buyers who want to purchase jewelry. Furthermore, RingtoPerfection has established excellent relationships with suppliers through Shopify that offer discounted prices on sourced jewelry items.

Current blog posts are keyword rich and SEO optimized which drives healthy organic traffic to the site. Since 2014, it has created a massive following on many social media platforms to engage current subscribers and attract new customers.

The well-built website is excellently branded and is a great acquisition opportunity for a new buyer who wants to scale a primed business.

What’s Included in the Sale

Dropshipping Shopify store in the jewelry niche making $6,497.95 net profit (Last 12 month Average)
Contacts of all existing suppliers, vendors, and manufacturing relationships
Ownership of all of the site files, including images, logos, textual content, and featured image templates
All hosting accounts
All marketing materials that has been used in the past
All policy and procedure documents/files
All toll free and local phone numbers associated with website
All email address associated with website
Facebook account with 170,000+ likes
Instagram account with 106,000+ followers
Pinterest account with 889,000+ monthly views
All Contracts (written or verbal) with customers and suppliers
2 months of email support to get you on your feet
A 3 year ‘non-compete’ agreement
All website and domain URLs including:

Active Domains

Old Domains

Google KPIs Doc (ALL the details you need)

I have compiled all the information and statistics into one comprehensive spreadsheet. You can get free access to this doc, once you send me a private message on Flippa with your email address.

Find the document at the following URL:

NOTE: Any one who just requests access through this link will not be granted access. Private message me your email to be added only.In this doc, you will find the following information, month to month:

Profit/Loss Statement
Top page statistics
Month to month traffic statistics
Profit margins
Refund rates
Conversion rates
$ per order
And many more

About the Owner

Jiri is the sole owner of RingtoPerfection. Based in the UAE, he graduated from Erasmus University with a Bachelors and Masters degree in business. After graduating, he started working in the eCommerce industry as a Marketing director for marketing agencies. Jiri started some of his own content blogs and started to rank them to earn passive income.

Reaching great success with his own online ventures, Jiri decided to quit his job and put his focus on growing his own brands. After vigorous research, he started Ring to Perfection – a guide to help men find engagement rings. He soon started growing his eCommerce brand into a popular and well-known platform.

Jiri was able to rank very well by implementing extensive SEO optimization strategies through clear and in depth research.

Reason for Selling

Jiri wants to put his focus on only a few projects. He realized he was spreading himself, and his team, too thin and that’s why he wants to sell the majority of his best performing sites including RTP.


The site was launched in November 2015 with the main goal of providing a complete guide to men in search of engagement rings. The site was first known as, after a couple of months the name was changed to Ring to Perfection to relaunch in November 2015. At first, Jiri and his girlfriend wrote most of the content.

To attract a wider audience, the current owner implemented keyword strategies and SEO optimization. Currently, the owner has a VA who took over the content writing.

In the beginning of 2016, they introduced products onto the site to generate more income. A number of 2,500 products, that is meticulously chosen, is currently available on the site. To raise awareness, the current owner invested in paid traffic advertising mainly on Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

Since the launch of, the current owner put a lot of effort into creating a stylish branded face. He improved the CTR of product pages to create the best mobile experience for clients. Plugins, images, content, tools, and colors were all tested to make sure the product pages perform at an optimum rate.

There has never been any legal issues with the site or business, apart from a minor penalty on its Facebook page.

Highlights and Business Strengths

Brand: The site has created an extremely strong brand that people recognize and search for a lot. RTP also created customized business cards with coupon codes to shoppers and packaging to create a much better customer experience.
Product Variety and Assortment: A variety of 3,500 different products
SEO & Blog: The site’s SEO profile is extremely strong. It ranks in the top 3 for some extremely competitive keywords
Social media Channels: The site has a combined following of more than 350,000 followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
Email List: With almost 200,000 active email subscribers, RTP has loads of return customers and referrals
Customer Service: The site has a phone number on which people can leave queries and voicemails. The messages are followed up consistently and that all customer requests are solved quickly and in a good manner.
Supplier Relationships: RTP has built extremely good relationships with sourcing agents and suppliers.
Fulfillment Warehouse: To improve shipping times, RTP has integrated a third party fulfillment warehouse in Florida US. Currently only the best-selling items are in stock in the warehouse.
Olympic Games: During the Olympic Games and Euro 2016 TPR sold thousands of flag bracelets worldwide to all the participating countries. This is a huge opportunity to capitalize on, as sales are guaranteed via the existing email lists through retargeting.

Income and Monetisation

The site generates income using the Shopify platform, AliExpress Affiliates, Etsy, and Adsense (Adsense was stopped in July 2019, due to lack of results).

Back in 2017, this business was making $155,000/m in revenue. Since its launch in March 2016, it has made over $3,194,000 in revenue.

AliExpress: Both the content blog and the dropshipping store got accepted into the AliExpress affiliate program which generates an 8% commission. The site has generated $3,010.11 from this program in the past 12 months.

Etsy Affiliate: The site has generated $8,368.74 from this program in the past 12 months.

Shopify Store Income: The site has generated $171,011.05 from this program in the past 12 months. Video proof of this revenue can be found here:

Adsense: The site generated $141.04 in June and July 2019, but was then stopped.

I have also compiled all of the necessary stats into a KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) spreadsheet. To get access to this doc, please read the section above explaining how.


RTP’s expenses are mainly spent on running ad campaigns. The expenses for these ad campaigns in the period of June 2019-July 2020 is as follows:

Google Adwords – $12,030.60
Facebook Advertising – $32,872.09
Bing Account – $300

Average customer order size on Shopify is an average of $44.48. For Google analytics it’s on average $44.39
The average COGS of the past 12 months is a little less than 20%.

Other fixed monthly expenses at the current moment are as follows:

Hosting fees for the blog – $4.95
Zendesk – $9.00
Klaviyo – $400.00
Grasshopper – $22.93
Aftership – $20

Expenses are thoroughly detailed month by month in the Profit/Loss statement attached to the listing.

Website Maintenance & Time Requirement

The current owner designed instructional SOPs and manuals for all processes including newsletters, customer services, hiring, fulfillments etc. All work can be outsourced to VA’s and remote freelancers. Currently the owner only works 1 hour per week fulfilling the following tasks:

Answer team emails and Skype
Review paid traffic ads done by VA, give feedback and adjust budgets
Review schedule newsletters and give feedback
Review SEO research and published articles
Review work and pay salaries (1 time a month)
Administrative work

Virtual Assistants fulfill the following duties:

Order fulfillment
Customer Service
Running Ad campaigns
SEO content writing and research

The main challenge is shipment.


Traffic is consistent and ever growing. The main traffic source for RTP comes organically through SEO optimization strategies, see below the monthly averages:

Organic: 17,823
Referrers: 358
Direct: 2,326
Social networks: 1,243

There are a few untouched paid traffic channels like Taboola, Outbrain, and YouTube that can be implemented by the buyer.

Opportunities for Growth

With the well-built base, RTP has great potential to increase revenue even more. Here are a few other suggestions made by the current owner, that can further improve the site’s operations, traffic and profitability:

Expand SEO Articles: Hire a writer and blast out 10 new optimized SEO articles per month to really cover every single keyword in this niche and of which there are products on the store. Do keyword research on best performing products and implement into the blog posts.
Influencer Marketing: RTP’s instagram is hugely popular and people love to share their products. There is a huge opportunity here to hire Influencers to promote products on Instagram.
Affiliate Marketing: set-up an affiliate program for other websites, blogs, stores, social media channels to promote products for a commission.
Brand Ambassadors: set-up a brand ambassador program (like Pura Vida Bracelets) and send free products to a group of ambassadors who will in return promote RTP products.
Expand Paid Traffic Channels: There are huge opportunities still on Pinterest, Taboola, Outbrain, Bing, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube.
Subscription Box: The foundation for the integration of a subscription box is laid out. The current happy is will to provide all the information and how-tos.
Start selling on 3rd Party Platforms: Publish products on websites like Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Overstock, Walmart and Etsy.
PR: TPR has never done any PR or blogger outreach to be featured on news outlets, other websites or social media pages.
Improve Facebook Feedback Score: Currently TPR’s Facebook page has a penalty. It will be a challenge to run more ads and improve the score from its current standing of 1.9. This is because 67% of customers were satisfied with the product quality, but 56% claim that they didn’t receive the item.

The site is hosted on Shopify. These can be easily handed over to the buyer of the site without needing to transfer the site to a new server. Some shopify apps have been downloaded and added to optimise our website and increase conversion rates.
Other software used to optimise the site are:


Marketing and SEO
Keyword research is done via Articles that are currently on the site are extremely keyword rich and approximately 2,000 words long. Quality articles are posted 1-2 times a month.

The blog was changed from http:// to https:// three months ago, this has improved rankings. All images, content, and product listings follow a rigorous SEO optimization strategy including link building.
Marketing strategies include an active newsletter sent 12-15 per month to 120,000 active email subscribers on Klaviyo. There are 30 perfectly optimized email flows set up that are fully automated and bring in another 10% passive revenue each month. In the last 3 months the total revenue generated from emails was 19%.

RTP uses persona names Chantal & John, who acts as the ‘owner’, who undersigns all communication. This will further simplify the business transfer since customers won’t even notice an ownership change.

Product and Supplier
Inventory is valued between $1500-$2000 divided between 7 items and around 40 SKUs. Inventory is currently stored in private storage at no cost. This can be mailed to wherever the new owner would like it managed (privately or to their own 3PL).

Current relationships with the 30-40 vendors are really great. The current owner can negotiate better prices, packaging, shipping, and customized jewelry. None of the products are branded (beside the packaging) and all products are manufactured in China. All perks with the current partnerships will be transferred to the new owner.
There are currently 3,500 unique products in the store from vendors of which 250 are best sellers.

The best selling products are:

Lucky ceramic red string bracelet
29 in 1 stainless steel campers bracelet
Rose gold tungsten band

Refunds and Chargebacks: RTP doesn’t allow return of products anymore. A percentage of the cost can be refunded or a new product in another size is sent.

Support Handover

I’m experienced at buying and selling successful websites, I understand the procedure to handover websites effectively and efficiently. Providing expert advice and support I will guide the buyer and seller through a smooth transaction.

The seller is willing to provide email support to help you get on your feet.


Payment will be made through an Escrow service, like or

I do my best to answer all questions, comments and private messages within 24 hours. Understand that this is not my business, and so if you ask a question I am not sure of the answer, I will need to take it to my client. This may cause a slight delay in response time. But of course, I will do my best and get back to you as soon as possible.

Summary From the Broker

As the broker, here are some of the key points about this business that I love:

Well-established branded site with many active current clients
SEO keyword rich with many implemented optimization
Strong online presence on social media
Has multiple diverse revenue streams which lower the risk of investment
Lots of marketing channels to choose from
Has a blog attached to drive more sales to the dropshipping store
Great entrance point to people who are new dropshipping OR content blogging, but have experience with the other.
Very diverse amount of traffic sources
Currently, a very passive and low-maintenance businesses, only 1 hr/wk
Great niche with a great target market that is easily targeted from many angles
Comes with many high quality domain names
Small amount of inventory can also be included in the sale to capitalize on