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Founded in March 2016, Science for Sport (SfS) is a 4-year-old sports science education website with over 1,500 active members. Over the journey, we have become a dominant authority within the industry and are trusted by sports scientists and strength & conditioning coaches from the likes of Chelsea F.C., Tottenham Hotspurs F.C., All Blacks (New Zealand National Rugby Team), Nike, and the Chicago Bulls.

Social Media

Instagram: 260K followers
Podcast (launched 4th April 2020): 1,000+ listens/episode
Facebook: 160K followers
Twitter: 21K followers

Our Core Products

The Performance Digest
Coach Academy
Career Mastery

The Performance Digest

Subscription product (1,000+ customers) – A monthly summary of the latest sports performance research

Coach Academy

Subscription product (600+ customers) – A comprehensive library of online sports performance mini-courses

Career Mastery

Single purchase product (30+ customers) – An online course designed to help propel your career and become an authority in the sports performance industry

Key Metrics

MRR = $25k
LTV = $230
CPA (via Facebook ads) = $11
Churn Rate = 7.4%
CLP = 13 months

Community Overview

Currently, there are over 1,500 active members, with over 1,400 of them in an exclusive “members only” Facebook group where they get to connect, network, and share knowledge with the other members and the SfS team.
85% of readers are male and 15% are female.
There are over 260k engaged and organic followers on Instagram.
The company has a very strong brand and authority within its niche/industry.
The company is sponsored by some of the biggest technology companies in sports science.

How does your business make money?

We make the bulk of our revenue from subscription products (Performance Digest & Coach Academy). There are also smaller affiliate sales, sponsorships, and ad revenue but these currently make up a minority of our revenue.

76% of monthly revenue is from current subscriptions (monthly recurring revenue)

Describe your purchasing and order fulfilment process

Performance Digest – Our team of freelancers write their contributions to the magazine each month. These articles/research reviews get added to the magazine and that gets published on our website restricted content (members only). So, when a customer subscribes to our membership, they get access to the members’ area and can download the magazine.

Coach Academy – We have a freelance “content manager” who finds expert coaches who produce a mini-course (1-2hrs in length) on their topic of expertise in a screen record, Powerpoint format.

Who creates the content?

Our team of freelancers produce and publish all of the content. The team will stay with the company after it’s sold. We also have a waitlist of over 70 high-level (e.g. MSc and/or PhD), vetted individuals who all want to join the SfS team, so sourcing new high-quality freelancers is easy.

How will the business operate after it’s sold?

It is an ‘owner-operated’ business. After purchasing the business, you have two options:

You can assume the responsibilities of the current owner and they will guide you with post-sale support.
The owner can help you hire a suitable replacement and you can be hands-off.

How many hours does the owner spend running the business?

5-10 hours/week on operational activities (e.g. team management, cash flow and finances and fixing any issues)
10-25 hours/week on growth-related activites (e.g. product development, sales funnels and marketing)

Why are you selling this business?

It’s something I envisioned building for a long time (since 2010). After I launched in 2016 as my first ever business, it has taken a lot of time, energy, and learning to get it to where it is now. Due to the amount of time and energy I’ve put into it, I’d now like to move on from this chapter of my life as a major success and start something fresh.

Who would this business be perfect for?

Someone we experience in e-commerce and perhaps even health and fitness.

This business can be operated by anyone, no particular skill set is necessary but knowledge of e-commerce and sport will obviously help.
This business can be run from anywhere in the world, providing you have internet access.

Why should someone buy this business?

Sports science is a rapidly growing industry, especially due to technology.
Approx. 75% of revenue is MRR from subscriptions (i.e. cash flow)
Very strong brand and authority within its niche/industry and it’s sponsored by 3 of the biggest sports technology companies in the world.
High-authority domain website with 75k/month unique visits. Other websites in the niche which aren’t as good are getting 1-million+ users/month.
Peace of mind. It’s the owner’s first business, they love it and want it to succeed and will provide lifetime support to ensure its success.

Post-sale support

Included. We will be happy to provide a “management agreement” to make the transition from the seller to the buyer as smooth as possible. The period of this management agreement is negotiable.


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