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I am selling two websites: and

This is a great opportunity for someone to take advantage of this highly leverageable business and start making money right away. With returns typical of around 200% ROI on advertising spending. This website with increased advertising in 2018 and 2017 had profits of $102,000 and $335,000, respectively.

Freebies Frenzy ( sends a daily email to 100,000+ active subscribers and generates revenue from Google AdSense, third party offers and email advertising.

Freebies Frenzy was established in 2012 by an experienced Internet marketer. The well-established business holds a strong position in the lucrative deals and sweepstakes space with users gaining access to daily content such as free samples, coupons, deals, giveaways and more. The has a significant social media following with over 730,000 Facebook followers and has an email database of 100,000 active subscribers and total emails of 29,000,000. The business grew since launch organically and through paid Facebook advertising. We have established a number of partnerships with affiliate networks to drive traffic to the site — optimizing all monetization channels to maximize profits with minimum monthly spend.

Giveaway Gorilla has a social media following with over 30,000 Facebook followers and has an email database of 30,000 active subscribers and total emails of close to 6,000,000.

Both sites are currently monetized via Google AdSense, direct third party offers which distributed to the email database on a daily basis and email advertising. In the LTM, it has seen an avg. revenue p/mo of USD$18,479 and avg. net profit p/mo of USD$7,507. The majority of visitors/clients reside in the US.

**Please note, I do not have December 2019 numbers as I purchased the business during this time. The trailing twelve months includes June 2019 to November 2019 and January to June 2020. Please see the attached P&L for correct months.

I purchased the site in December 2019. Over the last few months, while transitioning as new owners we had some issues with revenue but these have been fixed and we are seeing positive results. The issues were as follows:
• AdSense transition was not smooth and I had numerous periods where my ads were not being shown due to invalid traffic. In January, February and March, I had long periods of time where I was not earning from AdSense. This has been fixed and my invalid traffic in April was only 0.88%!
• Advertising spending was halted in March and April as I was extremely busy with my other business and did not have the capital.
• I started spending on advertising in May and seeing an ROI of around 200%.

I spend around 1 – 2 hours per day on daily tasks. These tasks include: partnerships, ad management, revenue management and Facebook Group moderation. I have one contractor that is a content writer, email creator and Facebook moderator who works 20-30 hours per week on the business. Tasks involve researching, sourcing and posting deals to the site, sending daily emails and posting on social media. The contractor is paid USD$1,200 p/mo and will stay with the business on transition to its new owner.

***If you would like to take on the contractor’s role and save $1,200 a month, I can easily train you on what she does. This would add 2 – 3 hours of work per day.

Both websites are built on WordPress and ClickFunnels and are hosted on LiquidWeb in the US.

Prepaid for the following
• 2 years of hosting at LiquidWeb
• WP Rocket
• Theme
• Debounce
• Domain hosting

Freebies Frenzy:
• 8-year-old business in the lucrative deals/sweepstakes space.
• Generates revenue primarily through Google AdSense as well as third party offer placement.
• 730,000 followers on Facebook Page.
• 13,000 followers on Twitter.
• Freebies Frenzy Spin to Win & More Facebook Group (30,000 members). This has recently (May) been started again and is a highly engaged group group. We are able to post giveaways in addition to doing a weekly spin to win.
• 100,000 active subscribers.

• 30,000 facebook messenger subscribers.

• 1-2 hours per day of work.

Giveaway Gorilla:
• Generates revenue primarily through Google AdSense as well as third party offer placement.
• 30,000 followers on Facebook Page.
• 30,000 active subscribers.
• 1-2 hours per day of work.

Operational Efficiencies Implemented Since January 2020:
• Implemented changes across all metrics: email structure, email templates, scheduled emails, website design / flow, third-party offers, landing pages and affiliate relationships.
• New website theme that is mobile responsive.
• Increased website responsiveness and speed.
• Implemented google search console.

Growth Opportunities:
• Advertising spending, with more advertising spending earnings will increase. I have high level details of 2017 and 2018 profit which was $102,000 in 2018 and $335,000 in 2017.

• SEO work to increase organic traffic.

• Coupons – we just got accepted for brandcaster – our subscribers were asking for this and now we have it. This is a grassroots opportunity and ready for the next owner to grow.

• Freebies Frenzy Facebook Group was started in April 2020 and has grown to 2,400 members. Engagement levels for groups are considerably higher than the Facebook Pages. There is tremendous growth potential by continuing to grow this group.
• Freebies Frenzy Instagram account was started in January 2020 and has grown to over 1,100 members. This group is growing close to 50 new people a week right now!
• Giveaway Gorilla Instagram account has grown to 305 members and there is plenty of space to continue growing this group.
• Freebies Frenzy reddit group is at 245 members, this was started recently.
• There is tremendous growth potential with Instagram and reddit.
• With the right person you can easily get earnings back above $8,000 through business partnerships and spending advertising money.
• The more partnerships you create, the more money you can earn. These websites just need someone with the time to do it right now.

How does your business make money?

The sites are monetized through AdSense, third party offers, email advertising and push notifications.

Why are you selling this business?

Over the last few months, my other business is taking more and more of my time and I haven’t been able to focus on these websites. Going forward, I will be focusing more on my other business; therefore, I am looking for someone to take these websites over. Also, I am looking to buy a house and need capital.

Who would this business be perfect for?

Someone looking for a well-established brand in the freebies and giveaways space while only having to work approximately 2 hours per day.


Brand assets
Customer databases
Hosting accounts
Marketing materials and collateral
Policy and Process documents
Relevant email accounts
Social media accounts

Social Media

Facebook: 730K followers

Twitter: 13K followers

Instagram: 1,100 followers

Pinterest: 1K monthly viewers

Mailing List: 27M email addresses

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