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Thank you for considering this brokerage listing and website business as a future investment. In this listing description I am going to delve deep into the website’s details to provide the utmost transparency.

PLEASE NOTE: Please take the time to read through the entire listing before asking questions or commenting.

There is no reserve on this auction. The highest bidder will be the ultimate winner of this growing passion niche site. Bid to WIN!

NOTE: In case you were unaware, you can place your max bid and Flippa will automatically bid for you up to your max. I cannot see this max bid.

———— is a content-based site monetized with Adsense. It was built from scratch in June 2017 to provide numerous how-to posts within the technology niche. Currently, it has 450+ original published posts and 29 future-scheduled posts.

With a total net profit of $3,646.21 over the last 12 months and a low $45.50 total expenses over the last 12 months, the site is a solid investment. The business has many revenue stream opportunities that have not yet been tapped into, creating the perfect foundation to jump off of.

What’s Included in the Sale

Established wordpress website making on average $435.92 per month (6 month avg)
Has over 450+ unique articles published on the site
WordPress theme license
The domain name registered with
Ownership of all of the site files, including images, textual content, and featured image templates
The sellers In-depth KW research
29 scheduled future-posts
Seamless transfer of the site to your hosting server (optional)
1 month support to get you on your feet
3 year non-compete

NOTE: The Adsense account will not be transferred with the sale. Support will be given to the new owner to set this up and change the ads over.

Google KPIs Doc (ALL the details you need)

I have compiled all the information and statistics into one comprehensive spreadsheet.

You can get free access to this doc, once you send me a private message on Flippa with your email address.

Find the document at the following URL:

NOTE: Any who just request access through this link will not be granted access. Private message me your email to be added only.In this doc, you will find the following information, month to month:

Profit/Loss Statement
Traffic stats
Top Keywords used
Top Pages performance statistics
And many more

About the Owner

Hardip is an experienced blogger and owner of multiple blogging websites from Ahmedabad, India. As a part time endeavour he acts as the co-owner of a web designing agency, Loyal Web Solutions – a completely different industry to

Hardip has a passion for writing and has been blogging and running profitable websites in different niches for the past 5 years.

Reason for Selling:

The owner wants to sell the site to raise funds to invest in his business Loyal Web Solutions.


The site was built from scratch on the WordPress platform in June 2017. The primary focus of the site is to provide informative how-to content based on technology topics. Since it has gone live the owner published over 450+ original posts that are rich in keywords and other optimization (meta descriptions, internal linking, images, etc.). receives many sponsored post requests, but only quality content from authority websites are accepted (in the last 12 months only 2 sponsored posts have been accepted).

All backlinks are 100% naturally built and can certainly be improved under new ownership.

Hardip is the sole owner of the site and has built it to generate passive income through Google Adsense. He has recently started to monetize with Amazon, but it’s still in early stages and hasn’t earned anything yet. There are many marketing streams that are still untouched like social media and email subscriptions, making this an established site with great possibilities.

There have been no legal issues connected to this site.

Income and Monetisation

The primary source of income is mainly from Google Adsense. Total profit over the last 12 months is $3,646.21. March 2020 marked the most profitable month for with a total profit of $1,076.95. This was because one article had a huge spike in traffic due to increased rankings.

There were 2 sponsored posts added to the site in the last 6 months. One in July, and the other in January, for $40-$45 each. This is something that can be easily ramped up to generate more income.

With Adsense being the main source of income, there are lots of other opportunities to diversify this income, like Affiliate promotions, sponsored posts or by simply upgrading to Ezoic to boost the existing Adsense revenue.

The Page RPM has come down quite a bit lately. In April, it was sitting at $46.27 and in July, it dropped to $24.04. The person to figure out why this has happened and turn it around can quickly improve the revenue.

Revenue for August 1st to 19th has been recorded in the Profit and Loss, and is predicted to make ~$150/m

Over the course of the other months, income is still profitable if a bit inconsistent. This is mainly due to the search engine ranking fluctuations as new articles get added. With March setting a standard, it is great to know the potential of high income when targeting the right topics.

Proof of all revenue sources can be found in the attachments of the listing (above the comments section)


Hosting: $2.50 p/month
Domain: $1.00 p/month

Content: The current owner created all the site’s content, the new owner can outsource content writing.

Other expenses including domain purchase, hosting, NS change, WordPress theme and other minor changes were all covered by the current owner at the beginning of the site.

With the expenses of this website being so low, it has proven to be a great opportunity for passive income.

Website Maintenance & Time Requirement

Currently, the owner spends 10-12 hours per week on the site. His responsibilities include:

Updating content
Creating content
KW Research
Ensure hosting and domain is paid

Ideally, the current owners should have basic WordPress knowledge. Content can be outsourced.

Marketing and SEO

The current owner hasn’t invested in any Marketing or SEO strategies (apart from doing basic meta descriptions, internal linking and Keyword research), leaving an open untouched field for the new owner with great branding and advertising opportunities. It is clear that the established site can engage a greater audience when a bit more specialized focus is put on optimization.

Marketing on this site is a huge platform that has not yet been tapped into. If the new owner creates social media accounts, SEO strategies, and email advertising the site can generate even more traffic and income.


The niche is evergreen and not limited to seasons. Because tech products and apps are consistently evolving and growing, so does the site.

The main traffic sources are:

Organic (average of 4,336 p/month)
Referrers (average of 575 p/month)
Direct (average of 524 p/month)
Social (average of 212 p/month)

6%-8% of visitors are returning customers.

Top countries visiting the site are:

United States
United Kingdom

Drastic spikes in traffic occurred in March 2020 with a great jump from February’s 5,395 to an all time high of 14,690. This was due to an article ranking high and attracting much more visitors. Traffic is consistent throughout all other months. Other spikes and drops are usually because of topic trends and keyword rankings.

Guest access to the Google analytics can be given upon request via Private message.

Opportunities for Growth

There is a huge opportunity for further growth. If the new owner spends time in SEO optimization and marketing strategies, then income can improve drastically.

Apart from SEO optimization and marketing, here are a few other suggestions that can increase income and traffic to the site:

Outsource content writing to make the business more hands off
Re-design theme of site to be more appealing
Create some articles that can monetised with Amazon affiliate (or other affiliate networks)
Create product listings and reviews
Outreach for more sponsored posts, or sign up to
Improve and expand on the current Keyword research
Install more premium plugins to help augment the website
Build more internal links and backlinks
Do market research on competitors and create better content than them
Build up an email list
Create social media accounts and grow them to generate more traffic to the blog

Support Handover

I’m experienced at buying and selling successful websites, I understand the procedure to handover websites effectively and efficiently. Providing expert advice and support I will guide the buyer and seller through a smooth transaction.

The site is built on WordPress and uses Knownhost hosting. I’ll be available to help with the transition.


Payment will be made through an Escrow service, like or

I do my best to answer all questions, comments and private messages within 24 hours. Understand that this is not my business, and so if you ask a question I am not sure of the answer, I will need to take it to my client. This may cause a slight delay in response time. But of course, I will do my best and get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are interested in having me broker your business for you, please visit for a valuation. I happily broker any legitimate businesses making $300/m profit.

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Summary From the Broker

As the broker, here are some of the key points about this business that I love:

Great potential to increase traffic with SEO rich content
Passive income business
Consistent traffic
Great opportunities for further growth
Evergreen niche that is perfectly niched down
Perfect for beginner investors
Has over 450+ published articles on the site, with an additional 29 scheduled
Very low expenses for this business
Possibility to expand on the sponsored posts income