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First, I want to start with what would make this website business very attractive to buyers – extremely low maintenance, generating passive income. I only spend one hour a month, making sure it’s running smoothly, answering few support questions and checking statistics. All the processes are fully automated and no human interaction is needed. is a fully automated service for CAD conversion to other file formats. The service is based on a credit system which you can see at Users buy credits depending on what the file size is and how many conversions they need. The payment is done through Paypal and once the transaction is completed, the credits are auto added to user’s account.
The entire conversion process is also very simple:
1. User uploads the CAD file that needs conversion
2. The system auto sends that file to a third party service that makes the actual conversion (it will be disclosed to the buyer)
3. After the conversion is completed, the system emails the file.

The website has been neglected since I bought it and I’ve been just collecting the monthly payments. No marketing, SEO or customer re-targeting has been done. I haven’t even changed the default currency from EURO to USD which I am sure stops many US buyers.
The sale comes with full 30 days days support. If needed, my developer will move the website to your hosting and set up the entire system.

Revenue breakdown

19July Sales – $552; Adsense – $25.83. Total = 577.83
19 August Sales – $653; Adsense $56.62. Total = 709.62
19September Sales – $938; Adsense – 70.69. Total = 1008.69
19October Sales – $599; Adsense – 90.77. Total = 689.77
19November Sales – $932; Adsense – 94.70. Total = 1026.7
19December Sales – $706; Adsense – 73.55. Total = 779.65
20January Sales – $920; Adsense – 79.83. Total = 999.83
20February Sales – $955; Adsense – 94.55. Total = 1049.55
20March Sales – $748; Adsense – 87.1. Total = 835.1
20April Sales – $872.7; Adsense – 31.56. Total = 903.56
20May Sales – $475; Adsense – 22.55. Total = 497.55
20June Sales – $601; Adsense – 22.27. Total = 623.27
20July Sales – $581.8; Adsense – 25.83. Total = 596.83

How does your business make money?

The websites makes money by selling credits for converting CAD files
It also makes money with Adsense

Why are you selling this business?

Possible website sale will help my other businesses grow faster by investing more funds in marketing.

Who would this business be perfect for?

Since the business requires almost no operational time nor any experience, it can be run by anyone with very basic web skills.


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Hosting accounts
Relevant email accounts
Website files, source code and content
22,000 email list