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When I first began blogging in October of 2017, it was just a hobby. I had no idea people earned money from blogging!

But after blogging for a few months, I learned that you could “monetize” your blog, so I started to look into it. I quickly and easily learned all about sponsored posts and ads.

I also quickly realized that I wouldn’t earn much money from those sources until my traffic grew. I was determined to find a better way to earn an income with the blog traffic I already had.

I knew affiliate marketing may be the answer, but I could not find a comprehensive, detailed resource that explained HOW affiliate marketing can be used by bloggers.

So, I learned everything I could about affiliate marketing and after a lot of trial and error, it is now a significant source of income for my network of blogs.

I am pursuing my love for passive income since then and found out that passive income is NOT completely passive because you anyway have to put a little bit of effort to grow your site.

I was managing a lot of sites with my day job. My biggest breakthrough came when I was able to sell one of my top authority affiliate site for 6 figures privately to an investor 2 years ago. I quit my Job and have been doing it full time now.

Eventually I learned that you could actually sell affiliate websites for up to 30x their monthly profit.
So, a site making $10,000 per month could actually sell for $300,000.

That’s when my income took a big turn in the positive direction.

By selling sites, I could fast forward 3 years into the future and collect all the money up-front.
Then I could use a fraction of that money to create more websites.

I flip a few websites every month to make my portfolio as compact as possible so that I could focus more on my major income producing sites.

Executive Summary

Thank you for considering this listing and website business as a future investment. I am going to be completely transparent about this website and its operations, So keep reading!

NOTE 1 : Currently I am only using Paid Posts as an opportunity to monetize this website. I am not using Adsense or Affiliate Links on this site. So that is going to be an untapped channel to further monetize the website. Usually, I’d like to use Affiliate Links and Adsense once the monthly traffic reaches atleast 10k unique visitors.

Note 2: This is no reserve auction, so the highest bidder is anyway going to win this website.

NOTE 3: To avoid losing the opportunity, place your direct offer and If we both agree, we can end the auction to proceed to the transaction before the auction date to save our precious time is a content-based site monetized with Sponsored posts. Below are some quick stats about this high authority website-

Website URL-
Number of HQ Articles- 50
Number of Backlinks- 177
Domain Age- 5 Year 8 months
Average Monthly Revenue- 410
Average Monthly Profit- 355
Average Unique Visitors/month- 2.6k

With a total net profit of $1,668 over the last 5 months and a low $325 total expenses over the last 5 months, the site is a really good investment.

If you are looking to be in the Affiliate marketing industry and want to quickly jump off the learning phase of years to get to the point of where I am today, This is a perfect opportunity for you to acquire this asset. I believe content rich sites are the perfect investment.

I have been able to achieve never seen before ROI on my investments through this business. With a little bit of work you can easily start generating a recognizable income through this website and If you seriously scale up this opportunity you could eventually build a high valued web asset for yourself.

What’s Included in the Sale

Branded Domain Registered on Godaddy(
Complete Website making $408/mo will be transferred to your server
50+ HQ content
Ownership of Content, Website, Design and Domain
Contact Details of my own vetted outsourcers and content writers
Complete documentation of site operations, Sponsored posts process and outsourcers
Full after sale support for 2 months via Skype/Mail

Step by Step Training Module Includes

Pe​rfect niche selection
The Keyword Research Process
OnSite or Technical Optimization
Outsourcing Content Writing for dirt cheap
Designing Conversion Optimized Website
Onpage SEO
Creating Backlinks to gain more traffic
Selling your content site for 30x quickly
Scaling up the business by managing multiple sites at once
Systems, Operation and time management hacks to outsource all the required tasks

Profit Loss Statement Sheet

I have compiled all the information and statistics into one comprehensive spreadsheet. The PL statement consist of the month on month Revenues, Profit and expenses on the site.

Traffic and Monetization

The Site has been generating revenues using sponsored posts only. Total profit over the last 5 months is $1,668. Last month was the most profitable month for this site making $408 in revenue.

There are several ways of getting the sponsored post opportunities, however if you want to get paid well, the best way is to accept the sponsored posts from media companies who pay anywhere between $50-$200 per post depending on the quality of the site. The complete documentation for getting the sponsored will be shared with you If you win this auction.

Additional revenue channels may include Using Ezoic and Adsense to monetize the traffic and using affiliate links to generate affiliate sales consistently. I haven’t tried both of these on this site as I was waiting for the site traffic to grow past 20k/mo but definitely from my experience I can say that you can use these 2 channels to maximize the revenues out of this site.

The traffic has been consistent since the past several months, however I think I haven’t focused on it much because of my busy schedule and my commitments to other projects.

Revenue for this month is predicted to be $400+ which can further be scaled up using other revenue channels.
Proof of all revenue sources can be found in the attachments of the listing. For a video walkthrough, you can pm me.




OnGoing Expenses


Domain: $10/Year

Articles- $10/post

I have invested money on optimizing the site and giving a better UI/UX experience to the user of this site, so you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to build a site from scratch. So I am expecting a higher valuation of this site. With a little bit of more work, I think you can further increase the valuation of this site 10x if you are consistent with the site. With time, the valuation of a site anyway increases, so this is going to be an excellent opportunity for the new buyer.


The site has excellent high quality backlinks that allows the content to get higher ranking in the search engines. We all know that the search engine traffic is the most important traffic source and is highly intent based, which means people reading your blog are highly interested in buying things when they read the reviews.

Apart from that. proper resources have been used to optimize the site for search engines, Which means that you don’t have to invest your own time doing these things now. Buying this site will save you months and months of SEO work and hundreds of dollars down the road.

Marketing is still untapped for this site. New owner can use social media to further enhance the brand value and revenues. Email marketing is also untapped for this site. I have previously used Email marketing for my other sites but it takes a very High quality and loyal list of subscribers to gain affiliate commission. As it requires more efforts, so I never used it on this site. If the new owner can effectively utilize these channels, definitely there is a lot of room to grow this site further.

Opportunities for Growth

Invest more into content creation and keyword research process
Write more review based articles to monetize via Affiliates
Use Adsense and Amazon Affiliate to multifold the current revenues.
Build a brand and bigger Email list
Launch Ecommerce to sell to existing audience
Use paid advertising to drive high intent buyers to the site
Launch products on the site
Create Social media profiles
Use pinterest to drive 10-20k more users on the site per month
Target long tail keywords(Included in training)
Start Guest Blogging
Interview Industry thought leaders

Support Handover

I will be handling the website transition to the new buyer. As soon as you buy this website, I will quickly get in touch with you introducing myself. Then I will push the domain name to your Godaddy account and transfer the complete site to your server.

I will be also provide you the complete document consistent of all the required credentials of the website, its files and everything.

Then I will be transferring you the step by step video training on how to run this website and effectively scale it up.


Payment can be made either via Escrow or any third party payment service. I am comfortable with Escrow as it provides extra layer of funds assurance and smooth transition.

Note: I will do my best to provide transparent information via messages and comments but any user who is just kicking tires and wasting time won’t be entertained. Analytics data is all verified by Flippa itself and the SEO report is there on the listing provided by Semrush. Please do your due-diligence and read the description very carefully before asking queries. Any comment made with the intention of promoting personal product/service or ruining the website reputation will be immediately removed and reported to Flippa