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Qube Projectors was launched at the beginning of April, and has shown a tremedous amount of growth. It is a one product store, an affordable projector.

Within the first month of launching, Qube Projector generated over US$480,000 with a profit margin of nearly 50%! It has continued to show growth as it is on track to do nearly the same amount in revenue as the past month.

This business takes very minimal time to manage.

How does your business make money?

This business creates revenue from selling a Projector. The profits margin is nearly 50%.

Describe your purchasing and order fulfilment process

Currently this product is being dropshipped from an aliexpress supplier. Supplier details will be given to the next owner of the business.

Why are you selling this business?

I am currently selling this business as I manage multiple e-commerce websites, and are more focused on my other businesses.

Who would this business be perfect for?

This business would be perfect for anyone who has considerate knowledge with Facebook Advertising. Fulfillment, and customer service is outsourced, and the management of Facebook Advertising will only be needed.


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Marketing materials and collateral
Relevant email accounts
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Website files, source code and content
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Facebook: 2.6K followers

Mailing List: 6K email addresses

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