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Selling online training about how to create online business, invest in real estate and stock market. Traffic acquisition 100% SEO with posts and videos. No advertising needed. The business was build since the beginning to be passively managed as much as possible. Only one worker for the customer support is needed.

Sources of traffic based on 3 last month on average :

YouTube : 866’660 views monthly

Website builded with WordPress : 74’248 users monthly (82,2% from organic search and 15,1% from direct link)

Instagram : 107’884 unique users reached monthly

Facebook : 3978 unique users reached monthly

Mailing list of 200’000 emails only collected with simple optin from our traffic sources.

Bonus for smooth transition : 6 month of support from the old owner and director and 52 video in advance so a year of publication for 1 video per week. The current person managing the customer support do this since the beginning of the business and want to stay at this position if the owner agree with it.

Strategy for 2021 : selling a book about finance (ready for sale) and proposing upsell to increase the monthly recurring revenue and go to 300’000 $ per month. Doing promotion to increase drastically sales on specific date (totally managed by the customer support).

Maintenance of the business on the long term :
option 1 : considering to create 156 videos means 3 years of video in advance for 300’000 $ so an expense of 100’000 $ a year
option 2 : considering putting someone else instead of the current owner
option 3 : doing nothing and keep receiving the subscription and the sell

Risk of the business : Having the youtube channel close or the website down is almost impossible because of the respect of the rules. The owner never received any strike since the beginning of the business. Other risk can be to receive bad review on product with the time because of the online business change and the online training need to be updated every 2 years. The owner will give you the a website well ranked about reviewing online trainer in France to control this kind of issue.

Monthly time estimated to manage and increase the business : 4 hours per month

Action needed by the new owner :
– Paying the customer support every month
– Outsource the update of the online training
– Being sure softwares are paid on time

Actions recommended by the current owner to increase the business (can be outsource to the current worker):
– Creating new videos
– Creating new online training about next trend
– Starting advertising on social media

By being the new owner of this business you become as well 100% owner of :
– the content (posts and videos) currently ranking on keyword about making money
– the 200’000 emails
– Every online courses

Term of transition to make safe the new owner :
– creating a new Stripe account
– creating a new Clickfunnels account
– changing the ownership of the YouTube channel
– changing the ownership of the domain and the web hosting
– creating a new company or sale 100% of the shares to the new owner

Respecting this term give not a single opportunity to the old owner to take the business back. A contract will be sign between the old and the new owner.

Estimated time to transfer everything to the new owner : 1-6 month depending on the buyer

How does your business make money?

We are selling online training about 3 sectors :
– real estate
– stock market
– online business

Most of our sales are recurring revenu with subscription.

Why are you selling this business?

The business is going bigger and bigger but money is not my first motivation. I’m looking for some new challenges in other sector and feeling more accomplished by helping people in Est Asia, more like humanitarian mission. A part of the selling will go directly to people in need in Thailand.

Who would this business be perfect for?

This business was build with a mindset of being automated with software, process and outsourcing the few other tasks. The new owner will not have much things to do to keep the business up but more to develop it. The new owner should communicate with the only worker in the business and trust him to manage the business as he know it. This business will be very easy to analyze by online business-man but almost anyone can manage it. Busy people looking for a very passive business with serious income should be the perfect new owner. I’ll be personally available for the new owner for a smooth transition.


Brand assets
Customer databases
Social media accounts

Social Media

Facebook: 23K followers

Twitter: 2.2K followers

Instagram: 53K followers

Pinterest: 8 monthly viewers

Mailing List: 200K email addresses

Post sale support


The only assistant wants to keep working after the sale and manage : post writing, managing the YouTube channel and the email list, answering at the customer support and updating the online training.

Details of the expenses

Yearly expenses : 109’744 $

Hosting the website with OVH : 1’000 $

Selling courses and providing access to membership with Clickfunnels : 1’997 $

Processing payments with Stripe : 2,9% of the brut volume + 0,50 cents per paiement = 33’600 $

Customer support : 26400$

Creating ticket system to track customer support with Fresh Work 348$

Selling course with automated evergreen online seminar with Webinarjam : 499 $

Video recording, editing and publishing : 25’000 $

Collecting and sending automated email with Getresponse : 8’400 $

Publishing transcription text of the videos on the blog : 12’000 $

Yearly taxes of the company and the physical address : 500 $

How tu run the business without the current owner ?

More than a face, this business have a trust. The owner can provide to the new owner few years of content in advance if the owner wants it. There is other options to consider and some of our most famous video aren’t showing the owners face. Recording the screen with high valued slides, animated videos or motivational speech will do the job perfectly. It will need some time to the community but the main asset will continue to grow if the value stay at the same level. About the online training, some of them was 100% outsource and don’t need the owners face as well. We received a very low rate (1%) of complain about not appearing in the online training because it’s well explained on the sales page.