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7SecondsSmile sells the most innovative and fun lifestyle products all over social media. They range from beauty products to fitness merchandise over to outdoor gear. We have a loyal customer base (80,000+) who are enthusiastic about unique and new products.


Domains ( and
Google Ad account with $700,000+ in ad spent
Snapchat Ad account with $500,000+ in ad spent
Google Analytics account with over one-year history and 100,000+ active profiles
Email Marketing list with 130,000+ emails who have high buying interests (newsletter registration/registration for a discount) or who already bought from our website
Shopify account
Both our YouTube Channels
Personal contacts in Google and in Snapchat, who are available 24 hours a day and will make sure to take care of any problems that may arise with the ad platforms.
500+ products with designed product pages and video advertisements
20+ products, which are currently already generating over $30,000 in Revenue per day
Several company emails with the domain name
20+ apps already installed and completely optimized to help you generate the most profits possible
Optimized website and optimized checkout process
Optimized post purchase upsell funnel which generated $300,000+ alone (automated)
Legally secure Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy and Return Policy created by our attorneys

Our Teams (17 Virtual Assistants total):

1. Customer Support Team – Our seven different customer support VAs have grown together over the last year and have developed a strong team spirit. That is how we were able to consistently maintain an average reply time of 8 hours. One of those six manages the others, so no time required from your side.
2. Supplier & Fulfillment Team – Our team of four different suppliers have successfully shipped over 70,000 different orders. The fulfillment process and the suppliers are being organized by our Fulfillment Manager. He has a proven history of over 3 years and is one of the best in terms of taking care of everything. No worries for you. The manager and the team of suppliers are connected with our customer support staff. That is how they make sure every customer gets what they ordered and also is able to modify orders if needed.
3. Product Research & Marketing Team – Our marketing team of four people are constantly searching for new products on the web. They build and design the product pages. They create the advertising videos and manage the marketing campaigns. As this is a very important part of the business, you will help monitoring the ad campaigns and the budget spent. Important: This will require about 1-2 hours per day.
4. Email Marketing Team – We have a team of four people, who are creating automatic flows and advertising campaigns on a daily basis. This team alone has generated over $160,000 in last 30 days with email marketing alone, COMPLETELY automated.
5. Extra VAs – We have a person who is taking care of PayPal cases/disputes and credit card disputes. She is the best in terms of winning those disputes and will take care of everything. No time needed. Moreover, we do have programmer who can basically can do everything on our website and fulfill every possible wish you may have in terms of modifying the site. Also, we have an accountant who will do the exact profit/loss calculation on a daily basis, so you can always check your profits made on the day before, when you wake up!

Note: Most of our team is located in the Philippines. We prefer to hire in the Philippines because of their high work ethic and their cost efficiency.

Why are the number of visitors so high in April and May 2020?

In April, we started to run Snapchat advertisement. This turns out to distort Google Analytics data. In Snapchat there is a feature called “Preload ing”, which we started using at the end of Apirl. When the user sees an ad, the website already starts loading in the background and this is counted as a pageview (without the user even clicking on the ad). Therefore, every ad impression on Snapchat is counted as a visitor and that is why the number of visitors is so high – according to Google Analytics. The real number for April is about 1.5 Million and in May about 2 Million.

Does the company have any legal disputes in process or coming that you are aware of?

What paid advertising platforms do you use to promote your products?

What are the major risks you see with the store? Any chance of Google or Snapchat restricting the advertising access?
Due to our consistently high ad spent, we have personal contact details of people in the marketing department of both Google (incl. YouTube) and Snapchat. A few months ago, we had some ads disapproved due to an algorithm mistake and our person of contact managed to approve the ads within 24 hours. The details are included in the purchase.
We are not aware of any major risks outside of the general risks that come with running an ecommerce store.

Can I have Shopify/Snapchat/Google Ads/Google Analytics Access?
Yes, send me your email via DM with a proof of funds of some reasonable amount.

More ideas to grow revenue and profits:
– Increasing the budget of ad campaigns (make sure to notify our fulfillment agent before)
– Add other social media channels, like Facebook
– Focus on repeating buyers in addition to the new buyers (increased LTV)

What is required to keep the business operational?
1. Taking a look at the business frequently
2. Monitoring the virtual assistants
3. Keeping a good cash flow
4. Manage budget of the ad campaigns
5. Test a new product here and then

How does your business make money? generates revenue through advertising on social media and selling products.

Describe your purchasing and order fulfilment process

When a customer orders from our store, the order is automatically forwarded to the correct supplier (who is fulfilling this particular product). The supplier sends out the order in 2 – 3 days.
For bestselling products, our fulfillment manager buys stock upfront and restocks when we run low. For all the other products, no stock or inventory is bought upfront. This means no upfront cost for you and no extra work.

Why are you selling this business?

I want to leave Germany and travel, but the business would be taxed heavily. Selling the business before leaving gives major tax advantages.

Who would this business be perfect for?

Anyone with a basic understanding of social media advertisement, who is looking for an above average return on their investment with a growing, simple and straightforward business. Over the past year our team has proven to be reliable and effective, taking 95% of the work out of your hands. Other than frequently monitoring our virtual assistants and ad budget/campaigns, you don’t need to do much to enjoy the upward trending growth in the ecommerce sector that is sure to grow.


Brand assets
Contracts (written or verbal) with customers and suppliers
Customer databases
Existing manufacturing relationships
Marketing materials and collateral
Policy and Process documents
Relevant email accounts
Social media accounts
Website files, source code and content
e-Commerce platform accounts
Google Adwords

Mailing List: 130K email addresses

Post sale support