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This listing is for a dropshipping and ecommerce business created in March 2020 in the jewelry/beauty niche. The Shopify site features only 1 main product and 1 upsell/downsell product.

The primary source of traffic is Facebook paid advertisement, with most of it coming from the US/UK/AUS/CA.

For work required, the Seller spends about 15 hours per week on this business. They work on commenting on ads, replying to emails, and communicating with the supplier. All products are shipped out from china with an average delivery time of 12-16 days.

How does your business make money?

We make money from selling jewelry.

Describe your purchasing and order fulfilment process

We have connected with the best dropship supplier in China who knows the ins and outs of the industry. All of our products ship directly from Hangzhou.

Why are you selling this business?

We are 2 entrepreneurs who built this power brand as a means to make money to finance our saas project which can have a positive impact on society, our true passion. We have finally reached our financial goals to chase that dream.

Who would this business be perfect for?

Ideal for a current business owner in the jewelry/beauty industry interested in acquiring a sister brand

The opportunities to grow this business are vast. Here are a few suggestions that can be implemented to rocket the business to new heights of success:
– Offer a small line of new products that reflect the store’s brand and expand the store’s offerings.
– Reach out to influencers in different countries and backgrounds.
– Find economical shipping solutions to offer international customers better order fulfilment
– Offer different site versions in different languages and currency
– Increase marketing budget and employ a greater variety of marketing resources
– Google AdWords,SEO, Pinterest, blogs, influencer collaborations, email have not been used at all at the present.


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Brand assets
Customer databases
Existing manufacturing relationships
Hosting accounts
Marketing materials and collateral
Relevant email accounts
Social media accounts
Vendor contacts
e-Commerce platform accounts

Social Media

Facebook: 800 followers

Twitter: 0 followers

Instagram: 780 followers

Pinterest: 1.5K monthly viewers

Mailing List: 11K email addresses

Post sale support